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A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to support a network for virtual reality adoption.

Press and Listings

virtual reality streaming

Live Events

VR streams of sporting events, concerts, and more from premium seat proximities for a truly engaging perspective. This enables viewers to not only watch popular events from home, but to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere with VR.


VR experiences contributed by people from around the world. This is what makes Spectiv unique from other platforms in the space: Spectiv enables ordinary users to stream any personal experiences with their own VR equipment.

Spectiv Original

Original VR content created by Spectiv in partnership with popular organizations and production companies. This content will be produced with the most cutting-edge VR technologies and will be overseen by the Spectiv productions team.




Jeremy Sciarappa

Lucid Dreamscapes | A Luna Blue | More to Come


Signal Tokens: Sigs

Sigs are an ERC20 token connecting attention markets with the Ethereum blockchain to foster growth in the virtual reality industry. Curators earn Sigs by sharing virtual reality content.

Spectiv Tokens: Specs

Specs are a virtual reality token supporting internal platform functions like tipping, premium content purchases, and ad rewards.


With the growing development of virtual reality, the world is beginning to see previously unreal possibilities become commercial realities. As such, many speculate VR to become the next revolutionary tech boom. Spectiv is a platform that enables users and organizations to stream their unique virtual reality experiences to the world.

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Spectiv Team

Dylan Senter

Co-Founder & CEO

Dylan is an accomplished entrepreneur who has founded multiple businesses over the past several years. He is currently a co-founder with Sensytec, a smart materials technology startup that has received over $3M in R&D funding to date. He is also an experienced e-commerce expert, operating his own Amazon storefront (SuperSenter) that generated >$500,000 in sales for 2016. His entrepreneurial achievements earned him honors and scholarship from the Texas Business Hall of Fame in 2015. His specialties are in business development, marketing, and growth strategies.

Nick Ravanbakhsh

Co-Founder & COO

Nick has a double major in accounting and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. He is the CFO of Sensytec and competed with Dylan Senter in several business plan competitions across the nation. Together they won 1st place in 3 competitions and placed in several others. In addition to the work he does with Sensytec, he also co-founded Effortless Online Solutions, a digital development agency with Chris Peña, our chief of technology. Nick is a passionate virtual reality and blockchain enthusiast versed in sales, finance, economics, and emerging technologies.

Chris Peña

Chief of Technology & Development

Chris is a highly-regarded programming expert, proficient in most coding languages. He is best known for his YouTube channel, Dev Coffee, where he live codes apps and teaches programming through in-depth video tutorials. He is the CEO and head programmer of Effortless Online Solutions, a firm providing app development and design services. Most recently, he has been working on a platform for energy accounting and technology solutions under his independent firm, Rise Services. Chris has been active in the technology scene since he was a child and has a passion for keeping up with and utilizing cutting-edge technology. He has developed several commercial softwares and has experience managing teams. Chris has accumulated 11,000 subscribers on his programming YouTube channel, part-time around his personal work.

Ramon Hernandez

UI Developer

Ramon holds a bachelor of fine arts with a focus in graphic design. He has done work for several local organizations in Houston through his independent design firm, RFHgraphics. His experience is in design, UI/UX, branding, and packaging. Ramon is a remarkably talented artist with a unique interest in the operations side of the projects he designs for.

Bryn Bellomy

Ethereum Developer

Bryn is an experienced full-stack developer and entrepreneur, currently holding the title of Chief Technology Officer at ListenOnRepeat, a popular music discovery and curation service.  The companies he founded previously have focused on a wide range of technologies, from real-time video processing to mobile applications to audio synthesis and music production tools.  In addition to his experience with media tech, he has a profound passion for the cryptocurrency space and is excited to find the confluence of these two interests at Spectiv.

Justin Wood

Software Architect

Justin has a degree in Art and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas and has experience in creating and sculpting 3D models for games, film, and print. Through his passion for new technologies, art, design, and making products that people enjoy, Justin gained an avid interest in front-end programming very early. This soon turned into an absolute passion for full-stack development and a dedicated career in programming. He is currently a lead developer at Rise Services, where he is working alongside Chris Peña to create a new platform for energy industry accounting.

Jasmine Nguyen

UX Developer

Jasmine is a creative, engaging, full stack developer with a passion for front-end development and UI design. She specializes in designing seamless user experiences and intuitive platform functionalities. More than anything, Jasmine has a keen ability to see through the “new users” perspective, understand what it takes to retain those users, and translate that into technical front-end objectives. Jasmine is a Coder Camps graduate.

Mirza Baig

Business Strategy

Mirza has a finance degree from the University of Houston, where he was Vice President of Corporate Relations for the Investment Banking Scholars club and placed first in the Oil and Gas Valuation Competition. He is knowledgeable in energy trading, investment banking, and strategic management and has work experience in investment management at Merrill Lynch and most recently in business development at AIG. He is currently working as an analyst with BNY Mellon.


Sheldon Weisfeld

Founder of CoinVault ATM

Sheldon is the founder of CoinVault ATM, an enterprise providing state of the art ATMs that allow terminal access to cash buy & sell transactions for the digital cryptocurrency customer interested in Bitcoin. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and business development guru, well-versed in creating long-term value within organizations and seizing market opportunities. Sheldon is a prominent figure in the Bitcoin community and has been interviewed at several crypto conferences and events.

Adam Richard

Founder of Volt Markets & Sutton Stone
Founder of Houston Bitcoin Meetup

Adam is a force multiplier with a broad spectrum of experience. He is the co-founder & CEO of Volt Markets (Boost VC alumnus), co-founder & partner of Sutton Stone, founder of the Houston Bitcoin Meetup, and co-founder of the Houston Ethereum Meetup, and previously co-founder of Metal Networks, Inc. (Surge Accelerator alumnus) (3-time winner at Rice University software start-up competitions). Adam has been a CTO, CPO, software project manager, start-up advisor/mentor, branding manager, web developer, UX & UI designer, graphic designer, photographer & cinematographer.

James Duchenne

Founder of Sutton Stone
Representative for the Investment Board of Mauritius

James is an attorney, engineer, financial architect, and entrepreneurial thinker. He is an honorary representative for the investment board of Mauritius, co-founder of Volt Markets (Boost VC alumnus), and managing partner at Sutton Stone. James has experience in various fields, from Bitcoin and decentralized consensus systems, technology, mineral mining, waste management, logistics, marketing, loyalty & engagement products to capital investments. He loves working together with teams to find creative solutions for any kind of project.



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